Click here to see Bill's two-minute Flipbook-Tutorial tutorial, "Navigating Flipbooks."

Caption for Videos on YouTube coming

Caption and video for restoration bookshelf coming

Click here to see Bill's 2022 video guide,NavigatingHWPE"Enjoy the Halfwood Press Encyclopedia flipbook" (3:36)

Click here to see Bill's 5-minute video describing the Printmaking Teachers in a Box and Print/Pals project.
as a bonus, click here to see the Twin Wee Woodie Rembrandt Presses by Ekk Lory

Click here to see Bill's updated video of the hard-bound version announcement (1:15)


No Flipbook yet, but go to the real site to explore, or else see our video explaining it, or click the image above.

Kids use Halfwood Press at Grafikaskola Riga, Latvia- see Bill's comment here

Bill Ritchie and his badges in the Mini Art Gallery
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Bill H. Ritchie, CEO of Emeralda Works, LLC, unschooled, self-taught, self-enabled digital immigrant
lived into the digital age and feeling like a castaway on a DIY treasure island of scraps of old-world art.
"Yet I scanned and cobbled it together for a liferaft - Emeralda Works, LLC - seeking a structure for
collaboration with others in designing a gamified, XSTREAM-based printmaking learning and teaching
platform for all ages, for all time, all over the whole wide world."

Contact: ritchie@emeraldaworks.com