Click here to see Bill's video story about discovering a box for the PrintPals project

Click here to see Bill's 2022 video guide, "How to enjoy the Halfwood Press Encyclopedia flipbook" (3:36)

Click here to see Bill thrilling over the day he was able to upload this flipbook and test one QR code (1:00)

Click here to see Bill's 2021 video of the hard-bound version printed. (Note, Vol. 1 is only on amazon) (1:15)

Click here to see progress on Bill's 2022 Video if there is one.

Click here to see progress on Bill's Printmaking Teachers in a Box - when available.

Bill Ritchie and his badges in the Mini Art Gallery
Click on the coins to deep-dive in past and present extensions of Bill's Emeralda experience

Bill H. Ritchie, CEO of Emeralda Works, LLC, unschooled, self-taught, self-enabled digital immigrant
lived into the digital age and feeling like a castaway on a DIY treasure island of scraps of old-world art.
"Yet I scanned and cobbled it together for a liferaft - Emeralda Works, LLC - seeking a structure for
collaboration with others in designing a gamified, XSTREAM-based printmaking learning and teaching
platform for all ages, for all time, all over the whole wide world."

Contact: ritchie@emeraldaworks.com