The Professor at E'Studios

If in 2004 you looked in the door of his gallery and studio at E'Studios, and you took a candid snapshot, on the left is what you'd get then; and in 2007, a completely different project.

In your snapshot the professor lines up the side panels of the wood prototype of his first Halfwood, the Century.
Press making is odd in an electronic studio (E'studios). Yet when you learn he got the original plans on the Web from Doug Forsythe then . . .
It's what happens in Electronic Studios. You can link to the book at Perfect Press and get the 2007 -- three years later!
Another E'Studios project is upgrading Lisel Salzer's videotape that Mark Leonard and Izumi Kuroiwa produced in 1986 to a 2007 DVD version. Above is an E-montage of Izumi, Lisel and Mark.

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